Silo Telemetry, based in Altona East, Melbourne are specialist in silo and storage tank telemetry. With over 30 years in the Automation industry we have a wealth of knowledge to advise and assist our customers to achieve their automation goals.

With the ever changing evolution of technology, the IOT (Internet of Things) now makes it further possible to place people in contact with their business processes from any location.

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What is Silo Telemetry

What is Silo Telemetry

Put simply, Silos and Storage Tanks are fitted with sensors to remotely record data such as weight, volume, flow rates etc. Data is then transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring to interested parties.

Telemetry Services


Silo Telemetry can advise, supply and install all the equipment required to monitor your silos or storage tanks. We can also train you on the use of the monitoring equipment and web portal.

Telemetry Field Equipment

Field Equipment

To ensure connectability, longevity and serviceability, we use only use equipment that is tried and tested from manufactures that are world leaders in this industry. Field equipment can be solar powered.

telemetry application


Silo Telemetry is used to monitor the contents of silos and storage tanks for all sorts of agricultural and industrial business where substances such as fluids, grains, granules and solids are stored.

Why you should be considering a telemetry monitoring solution

The use of telemetry for remote silo and tank level monitoring reduces distribution costs and improves customer service. By automatically measuring the amount of product within a silo or storage tank, you can:

Increase delivery volumes and reduce part load returns

Improve customer service and confidence

Initiate proactive delivery scheduling

Eliminate run outs and emergency deliveries

Minimize order processing errors

Reduce man power and unattended deliveries

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Telemetry monitoring solutions are ideal for:

Agriculture Industry

Stock Feed Industry

Food manufacture Industry

Wine Industry

Bulk Liquid, Gas & Powder Distributors

Chemical Industry

Waste Collection Industry

Utility & Environmental Industries

Commercial Transport Industry

Pumping Industry